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Criminal Investigative Division (CID)

Chief Deputy
Alan Richman

  • Employed with County since 1999
  • Peace Officer since 1981
  • Master Peace Officers Certificate
  • Hold Several Specialty Certifications

Tim Spillman

  • Peace Officer since 1980
  • Master Peace Officers Certificate
  • Retired from Municipal Department
  • 1 year of Service with Kaufman County

Rodney Evans

  • Peace Officer since 1996
  • Advanced Peace Officers Certificate
  • Employed with County since 1996
  • Member of US Marshall’s Fugitive Recovery Team
  • Hold Several Specialty Certifications

The Criminal Investigative Division is responsible for investigating all offenses generated by the Patrol Division. The Criminal Investigative Division also investigates criminal offenses that are directly reported to the investigators.  The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigators strive to do their best in not only solving criminal cases, but also preventing future offenses from occurring by following up on information given by the public, other agencies, confidential informants, and in many cases their own knowledge of the suspects’ MO (Modus Operandi).

The Kaufman County Criminal Investigative Division is comprised of the following units of investigation:

  • Crimes Against Persons
  • Property Crimes
  • Financial Crimes/Identity Thefts
  • Narcotics/Drug Interdiction
  • Internal Affairs/Sex Offenders