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K-9 Dogs Put on Show at Monday Primary School

Kaufman Texas, - On October 25, 2012 students at Monday Primary School in Kaufman got to see how canines really take a bite out of crime. They may have looked like they were playing, but the dogs of the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit, Nurmo, Certis, and Dag, were demonstrating to Monday Primary students the very real and important work that they do.

The demonstration was part of the Sheriff’s Office community outreach program headed by Lieutenant Gary Huddleston that teaches children about safety and acquaints them with the Sheriff’s Department K-9 sniffers.

“The dogs are always a big hit, “Deputy Chad Jones, handler of Certis, said. “The kids might not remember our names, but they remember the dogs’ names.”

The K-9 unit’s main objective was to show the children what law enforcement canines are capable of doing on the job. Certis, Nurmo, and Dag demonstrated how they sniff out drugs by finding hidden drugs in square wooden boxes. Each of the dogs also demonstrated they way the dogs are trained to attack criminals if the situation calls for it by letting the dogs “attack” protective arm sleeves the deputies wore.

Deputy Ben Schoeff said the dogs are trained by playing games and using toys, and later they apply those skills to real-life situations. He also mentioned that most of the dogs’ commands are in Czech. It is all a big game for the dogs. Each dog has their own toy. They are having fun, they are playing. To get that toy at the end of the day, the dogs are saying, “I did well.”

The K-9 dogs also go home with the deputies who handle them after a day of work. Being a K-9 member is a twenty four hour a day job.

“This is a fun program for us to do,” Deputy Billings said. “It is important to keep kids involved. You hear a lot of negatives about law enforcement, but people do not hear the positive. We are thankful that the K-9 unit is here and that they are here for the kids. A lot of people do not know that we do this kind of thing.