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K-9’s Keeping Teens Informed

Elmo, Texas- Youth group members of the Oak Grove Baptist Church in Elmo hosted two of Kaufman County Sheriffs Office K-9 teams during their May 2, 2012 service. Kaufman County Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Jones with “Certtis” and Deputy Ben Schoeff with “Nurmo” were on hand to explain just what a K-9 team does.

Drug dealers and smugglers go to great effort to hide their wares. Drugs are hidden inside furniture, vacuum pack them in cans, stuff them into fruit and submerge them in automobile gas tanks. They even bury them in strong smelling products like pepper or coffee. And these amazing dogs find them anyway! The deputies explained the need in our community for these high spirited dogs, and how vital a role they play.

Both Certtis and Nurmo are trained to find the scent of several different types of drugs, as well as tracking suspects. Few people know that their sense of smell is at least 10,000 times greater than that of a human. Both K-9’s are trained to search buildings and open areas, track suspects that have fled from crime scenes and locate any evidence that a suspect may leave behind.

Because of their keen sense of smell K-9 dogs can search faster, safer, with less manpower, and more accurately than officers can do alone. The K-9 teams are vital backup to deputies on patrol who are dealing with criminal suspects.

Sheriff David Byrnes stated, “These K-9 deputies are very dedicated officers who devote 24 hours a day to their K-9 partners.” “ Being a K-9 handler is not an easy job, but it is a necessary job. These teams help us in our fight to make our community a safer place to live and work.”