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Animal Control

Justin Bass
Animal Control
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Animal Control


The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office has been designated as the Animal Control Authority for Kaufman County. Our office employs certified Animal Control Officers to implement the tasks specified in the Kaufman County Animal Control Order. We partner with the Kaufman County Pet Adoption Center, operated by the Human Society of North Texas, to achieve the animal control strategy for Kaufman County.

To report a stray animal, please call the non-emergency number (469-376-4500) or 911 in case of an emergency. You will need to provide the dispatcher with some basic information such as:

  • a description of the animal (size, color, species, and breed).
  • the animal’s location and direction of travel.
  • whether the animal is friendly or unapproachable.

Do not bring stray animals to the Kaufman County Pet Adoption Center, please call the non-emergency number (469-376-4500) to report the stray animals. An Animal Control Officer will be assigned and will respond based on availability and priority.


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